Supporting Kids to Master Their Super-Powers

DigitalKidZ delivers online education, supporting children to master their superpowers in the digital age. Designed for children, and highly valued by their teachers and parents it provides a neuroscience-based report about learning preferences and the motivation of the children to support them by investing time and money in the appropriate (extracurricular) activities. Available for children aged 6-12.

Investing in Education Today Builds Their Tomorrow

In the EU, we are building the economies of the future that will depend on “digital natives” who pitch ideas, launch companies, build technologies, and create jobs and innovation. Yet, more than 15% of children in the EU have insufficient digital skills and STEM subjects are a challenge for most educational systems.

In the EU, women are, on average, more educated than men, but are less likely to be entrepreneurs. Barriers to digital skills and female entrepreneurship are our challenges.

DigitalKidZ® is on a mission to close the gender gap and to help girls embrace technology. We promote girls’ and women’s empowerment in Europe, with a focus on the UN Global Quality Education Goal 4.4: harnessing technologies and entrepreneurship

DigitalKidZ at School

Neuroscience-based Learning Approach

Online learning platform. Neuroscience-based assessment of the learning and motivation preferences of the students. Available for 8-12 years old pupils. Makes teaching and learning engaging and fun. Based on storytelling and play, it delivers a NAP profile of each and every child. Get you free copy of the book Adventures of Z. in the Internet Forest - the core of the learning program.

Leadership Training and Motivation Assessment

Inhouse Training sessions with the teachers' teamm. Based on the coaching approach. Available online. Get a personal profile of each and every teacher in your school and increase their motivation with a personalised action plan. Ask about your free demo session.

Multifunctional spaces - STEM & Maker Space - design and equipment

We have designed a learning space that makes teaching and learning process an engaging experience and sparks the students' interest in science. It's flexible and easy to be transformed throughout the day - according to the needs and learning requirements.

Are you looking for a partner to build a STEM or Maker Space at your innovative school?

We will be happy to tell you more about our experience over the past eight years, DigitalKidZ® training and programs. Let’s discuss different partnership opportunities, your goals and interests.

Use the button to book a convenient day and time for your meeting.

Digital Literacy and DigitalKidZ®️

DigitalKidZ®️ has developed a digital literacy teaching, based on storytelling and play.

Available for classroom and as an extracurricular activity at home it’s offer personal and group learning challenges connected to the stories in the book series: Adventures of Z. in the Internet Forest.

Once onboarded, the teachers and students get an access to the DigitalKidZ online teaching platform. There they will get every month a new adventure story and a bunch of learning-by-doing  challenges. Aiming to develop digital skills, students will make also an assessment about their learning preferences and motivation.

The more challenges are solved, the richer the assessment report.

Sounds interesting? Ask about your free demo and send an email to

The Book - Adventures of Z. In the Internet Forest

You can find the book in English at Amazon and here are just some of the essential rules that students will learn in the first month:

  1. Use the internet wisely. You can spend as much time learning useful things online as you do playing games. Give it a try.
  2. Two hours of browsing online a day is more than enough – don’t forget to have fun with friends and play outdoors.
  3. The online environment is a wide world that can be dangerous. So don’t forget that you should never ever share your private information – where you live, what your phone number is, at what time you leave the house.
  4. Think carefully before sharing your views online – words are powerful tools that you must use to do good rather than harm.

Do you want to know more about it and get our essential online safety rules poster for your classroom, write us at

When you buy any of DigitalKidZ educational products, you support the mission of DigitalKidZ Foundation – closing the gender gap and empowering girls to use technology.

Investing in education today builds their future – join the Change-Makers community and make a difference.

DigitalKidZ®️ and Investors

DigitalKidZ® is on a mission to close the gender gap and to help girls embrace technology. We promote girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world, with a focus on Quality Education Goal 4.4: harnessing technologies and entrepreneurship

Since 2014 DigitalKidZ® has directly impacted over 50.000 students in 3 focus areas:

“I appreciate DigitalKidZ child-centric approach as in Finland we believe this is the core of the educational success. I do believe that DigitalKidZ has the same goals as us and I'm really glad to have this partnership and work together.״

H. E. Ms. Päivi Blinnikka, Ambassador of Finland to Bulgaria

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DigitalKidZ – Supporting Kids to Master Their Super-Powers.

DigitalKidZ®️ delivers a monthly subscription-based tokenized program educating digital literacy through storytelling and play. Designed for children, highly valued by their teachers and parents it transforms the extracurricular costs into a tokenized saving plan. Available for children aged 6-12.

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Designed for children, highly valued by their teachers and parents, DigitalKidZ edutainment products are endorsed by education authorities of Finland and accredited to train teachers.


  • The Best Virtual Teamwork Solution – CESAwards 2020
  • DigitalKidZ STEM Club is One of the most innovative 80 projects in Europe according to Innovation in Politics Awards – Berlin, Finalist 2019
  • John Atanasoff President Award Recognition – Bulgaria for particularly high public contribution in the field of Computer Science – 2017